As Our Rooster in Chief Crows, a Note of Caution From the Past

The tax bill –or as a friend of mine calls it, the bloodless coup, wherein feudalism is brought back from the 17th century — passed. And Trump gloats.

Since we’re headed back to the economic class system of days of yore, why not look there for some insight into what the future might hold.

Two roosters lived in peace. A hen arrived. And wouldn’t you know, a war ignited.

Love, you lost Troy and it’s your fault their venomous quarrel started in the first place, tinting the Xanthe’s river red with the Gods’ blood.

The war between the roosters went on a long time. The noise of it spread throughout the neighbourhood. All who sported red crests came running to see the show.

More than one beautifully plumed Helen was the winner’s prize. The loser disappeared.

He hid in the depths of his retreat, mourned his lost glory and loves. Loves that his rival took pride in parading in full view to torment the defeated. Every day he saw the victor rekindled his hate and his resolve. The loser sharpened his beak, beat the air and his flanks with his wings, and, exercising against the wind, armed himself with a jealous rage.

He needn’t have. His vanquisher rushed to the rooftops to cock-a-doodle-doo about his victory. A vulture heard. Adieu loves and glory. All that pride perished on the point of the vulture’s fingernail. And so, in a fatal reversal, the loser returned to strut rakishly among the hens. I’ll leave it to you to imagine the squawking, when he attracted quite the crowd of feathered girls.

Fortune enjoys dealing such blows. All insolent victors risk wasting their work. Defy Lady Luck with your vanity, and you better watch out for your battle winnings.

Like our dead rooster, Trump does insolence well. His gleeful boast that the tax bill dismantles Obamacare, is but one example.

Although I don’t think outrage is a long-term nutritious fuel, in this moment, we can put it to good use rekindling our resolve, sharpening our beaks and exercising against the wind.

Fortune may act quickly, as she does in fables, or she may take her time. Either way, we need to be ready with clear, concrete (i.e. sharp) ideas and the strength (political or activist organization and stamina) to take action when the opportunity arises.

It will.

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By Mina Samuels on December 22, 2017.

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