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“I am loving the new perspective of working with my inner voice instead of against it."
--J, PA
D, from FL
"Mina is incredibly empathic and facilitated me with viewing a life situation from a new perspective while also providing me with tools to further my personal growth.  Thank you for this experience!!!"
—D, from FL
T, from NJ
"Highly recommend to help anyone move forward with a more positive sense of being. "
—T, from NJ
K, from WI
"My mind feels more at ease."
--K, from WI
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Do you long to offer more into the world? And forge deeper connections? Do you have an inner critic who tells you you’re not capable of doing the work you want to do or having the relationships you want? Are you preparing for a psychedelic experience, or needing to integrate powerful insights from such an experience? We all have the capacity to access new ways of being and connecting. To do so, we need to work with the script inside our head. To transform all the inner voices, which resist change, into our most reliable personal advisers—non-judgmental, energized and nurturing.


My coaching sessions are a unique one:one opportunity, to build the skills to befriend these voices (we really can) and develop robust, new allies looking out for our best interests. We gain access to that essential and elusive pause between thought and action, so we can make stronger choices, connect across difference and fuel our courage.

My work is nourished by some of the most effective practices to create a fresh, holistic and powerful experience. Its wellsprings include: mindfulness and meditation practices, theatre, Internal Family Systems and Non-Violent Communication.

My profound desire is to offer a space for exploration, which brings people into a relationship of deeper connection with themselves and others, and sparks their generativity.

I so look forward to sharing this work with you. Schedule an introductory session.



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