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Anne of Green Gables vs. Jo March: How They’ve Shaped Perceptions of Girlhood, A Women’s Thing

Embracing Witchcraft: Five Books About Women Stepping Into Their Power, A Women’s Thing

Why Inventing Anna Does Nothing Inventive–And How to Rethink Our Obsession with Consumerism, A Women’s Thing

Naming the Unnamed: The Women of the Lehman Trilogy, A Women’s Thing

Betrayed by Carmen Mola: What We Lose When a Female Author Turns Out to Be Three Men, A Women’s Thing

Decades of Feminism Haven’t Changed Gender Stereotypes in Comedy, A Women’s Thing

Edson Oda’s “Nine Days” Poses Questions About Women’s Agency and the Value of Life, A Women’s Thing

Self-Empathy Is Not Self-Indulgent, It’s Playful, Happy Brain Club

Meditating in the Third Person, Happy Brain Club

The Power of Restraint: What “WandaVision” Can Teach Us About Overcoming Challenges, A Women’s Thing

Psychedelics Teach Me the Joy and Power of Restraint, Happy Brain Club

A Zen Story to Level Up Your MIndfulness, Happy Brain Club

Chasing Down The (Essential and Elusive) Pause Between Thought and Action, Happy Brain Club

I Am Enough: How Psychedelics Helped Me Befriend the Negative Voices in My Head, Happy Brain Club

Intend More, React Less, Healthy Women

Fall Resolutions: Renewing Our Commitment to Our Well-Being, Healthy Women

Walmart CEO’s Servant Leadership Starts to Give Teeth to the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation,

Removing the Cilice of the Mind, Spirituality & Health magazine

Our Health is a Resource, Not a Goal, Healthy Women

What It Really Means To Run Like A Girl and Why We Want To, Healthy Women

Is Running Meditation a Real Thing?, Healthy Women

Original translation of Victor Hugo’s poem, The Toad in Lunch Ticket



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