The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups Book
Elizabeth Strout
"A sharply observed, intelligent love story that is not only emotionally satisfying, but also psychologically sound."
Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Olive Kitteridge
Libby Schmais
"Mina Samuels skillfully weaves fact and fiction to create this engrossing tale of love and sacrifice. A beautifully written story, from the gypsy camps of Russia to New York society at the turn of the century, The Queen of Cups is imaginative and compelling."
Libby Schmais, author of The Perfect Elizabeth and The Essential Charlotte
Christina Chiu
"This novel is a heartbreaking example of a woman who gives everything to be loved and accepted, only to be left, in the end, poverty-stricken and desperately alone. Beautifully written, Mina Samuels offers redemption and compassion where it is truly deserved."
Christina Chiu, author of Troublemaker and Other Stories
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When I read Louis Menand’s, The Metaphysical Club, I was struck by the dismissive manner in which Juliette Peirce was mentioned. She was the mysterious wife of Charles Peirce, a logician and philosopher who should have found a place in the pantheon of great American minds. Yet to this day no one knows her origins or who her family was. She simply appeared in New York and in Charles Peirce’s life. While Juliette has taken much blame for her husband’s failure to fulfill his potential, I saw a different story. The story of a woman who gave everything to support the genius she loved, even as he struggled with painful facial neuralgia, manic depression and increasing drug addiction.

The Queen of Cups is Juliette Peirce’s fictionalized journals. From the gypsy camps of Russia, to glittering Paris and New York, to her final exile to obscurity in the countryside of Pennsylvania, Juliette’s journey traces the life of an independent woman, who, betrayed by those she loves, finds her way forward by forging new identities. Through it all, she never loses her belief in the possibility of redemption, and in the power of love and loyalty.



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