Group Workshops

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L, Boston
“a circuit breaker”
--L, Boston
L, Portland
“Such a refreshing change from anything I had been doing. The workshop totally recalibrated my energy and I found the connections to the other participants exhilarating. It taught me a new Virtual Vibrancy for these new times!”
—L, Portland
M, Sacramento
“I love it! Fine tune your nervous system, dissolve blockages, and connect with your emotional body, all of which leaves you feeling vibrant and alive.”
—M, Sacramento
“Three words: I loved it. And yes, I can still feel the strength of that kaleidoscope of emotions.”
--P, NY
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Using a custom blend of mindfulness, theatre, Non Violent Communication and Internal Family Systems techniques, we will tune into the full range of our emotions (warning: this might get loud), play with what’s flowing and what’s stuck, integrate our body-mind connection, expand our imaginations and cultivate our emotional intelligence skills.Walk away invigorated, open and vibrant.

Workshops are tailored to meet your group’s goals.




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