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Short Stories by Mina Samuels

Crucifixion and Other Fictions — In sparing prose, this recorded collection of short stories explores the search for identity, a place to belong and the inevitability of loss.

Each individual CD features several stories grouped around a central theme. CD 1, COMING OF AGE, features Crucifixion, in which a Jewish woman, long alienated from her religion, recalls a dangerous childhood game she played and realizes she can’t escape who she is. CD 2, LOVE, includes Silk Stockings, the first moments of a man’s return from war. CD 3 dives into FOOD & SEX with Playing with Darts, a woman’s one-night stand, and CD 4, BARS & RESTAURANTS, features The Waitress, the story of a couple who include a woman they don’t know in an intimate ad-hoc housewarming celebration the night they move into their house with unexpected consequences. CD 5, FAMILY, includes Ferris Wheel, following a single woman’s journey to the Four Corners where she decides to keep the baby she is carrying. CD 6, DEATH, opens with The Waiting Room, a meditation on life and death between a grandmother and a granddaughter.

Listen to the stories on CD. Audio recordings for CD players. (Available in individual CD volumes, or the full 6-CD collection of 17 stories.)

Complete 6 CD Collection: $25
CD 1, COMING OF AGE: $7.50
CD 2, LOVE: $7.50
CD 3, FOOD & SEX: $7.50
CD 5, FAMILY: $7.50
CD 6, DEATH: $7.50

Listen to the stories on MP3. Record in MP3 format (delivered on CD). [Will play on most computers and can be copied to iPods or MP3 players. Not for CD players.] Note: This original collection does not include the stories on CD's 3 & 6, nor the first story on CD 4.

MP3 Collection $10

Audio recording by Moody Mammoth Recording Studio.
Music composed by Stefano Zazzera.


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