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Who Are We?

Like a Girl is a collaborative of women artists dedicated to creating imaginative feminist theatre that explores the kaleidoscope of human experience, from the light to the existential, in an inclusive and empowering process. Our work is powered by Tectonic Theatre Project's Moment Work and movement techniques ranging from Lecoq through clown and modern dance.

Early development has been a collaboration of writer & performer Mina Samuels, Tectonic Theatre Project company member Barbara Pitts McAdams, actor & director Lisa Chess, dancer & choreographer Jacqueline Dugal, designer Omayra Garriga Casiano, videographer & movement artist Verina Kranak and multi-hyphenate actress-singer-writer Grace McLean. Ongoing development is engaging an ever-expanding community of artists.

Our New Play!

BECAUSE I AM YOUR QUEEN (a feminist fantasia in one act)
Where do Queens go when the curtain falls? At the spa retreat for Queens, a coterie of powerful women characters, are freed from their historical and literary context. Mary Stuart and Lucretia Borgia confront the persistent rumors that they are husband-murdering sluts. Queen Elizabeth and Cocteau's La Reine whisper about sovereignty and virginity. Medea is shunned. Hermione presides. And the spa attendants sow wisdom.

Riffing off old plays, familiar and forgotten (Friedrich Schiller's MARIA STUART, Jean Cocteau's THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS, Victor Hugo's LUCRETIA BORGIA, Euripides' MEDEA and Shakespeare's A WINTER'S TALE), BECAUSE I AM YOUR QUEEN is a story of power, sex and sisterhood that is lighthearted, absurd, provocative and true. Dialogue spans bits of the classics, bytes of current feminism and ... dark matter. Made for an ensemble of 10 actresses, the play breathes new life into the high passions of the classics, giving its players the opportunity to dig into a breadth of dialogue from the scenery chewing to smart contemporary repartee.

Check out our video, Bow Down, which will play as audiences arrive and leave, made on the streets of Manhattan, featuring an original sountrack by Grace McLean.

The Orchard ProjectBECAUSE I AM YOUR QUEEN was developed, in part, with assistance from The Orchard Project, a program of The Exchange (www.exchangenyc.org)


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